The Story


A few years ago, Lily came up with an invention to help her grandfather who has Parkinson's Disease and was frequently spilling his drinks.

Using moldable plastic and a bit of experimentation, she made him a plastic cup that didn't tip and was comfortable. About a year later, she noticed her dad trying to save his laptop from spilled coffee, and she made him a ceramic version at a local pottery studio.

After using it for a short time, and realizing what a great invention it was, Lily's dad asked her if she wanted to bring it into production. That began an adventure that had them up to elbows in clay and traveling across the world to the ceramics capital of China, JingDeZhen. There they were able to refine the models, find a manufacturer and prepare for a production run of ceramic cups.

Thanks to supporters on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the ceramic Kangaroo Cup became a reality. Lily continues to be a role model for kids everywhere and an inspiration to makers of all ages.

Lily's Grandpa with his Kangaroo Cup
Lily working on the cup in China
Cups ready for Kickstarter fullfillment

Lily and her Dad have partnered up with a team of designers and marketers to introduce a new plastic version of the Kangaroo Cup. In addition to the main benefits of the ceramic cup, it's made of a more durable material, has comfortable grips and come in sets of colors.

Please support our journey to continue creating for the perfect cup!